ARI #:1155068
Color:Medium Brown
Gender: Male
Crescent Moon's Rayo del Sol
SA Royal Catera

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    In 2004 the production class at Crescent Moon Ranch was 70% male. Little did we know at the time that those male cria would represent such a large part of our future. On that list are the names Shiftin Gears, Lunar Breeze, Adonnis, Copenhagen, Semper Fidelis, Prince Charming and of course Kirwin to name a few. With just the names provided here they amassed a total of 60 championships and reserve championships all across the country at Level 4 and Level 5 shows. Kirwin was a cornerstone in the group winning 13 of these championships/reserves on his own, the first at 8 months of age and the last at almost three years of age. He is among the most decorated ever shown and may be the most decorated brown male in the country.
    As a sire he has lived up to the hype. His cria have demonstrated beautiful phenotype, beautiful fleeces, an array of colors, champions and ribbon winners.  Like his name sake, Kirwin has executed excellence. Jim Kirwin was one of the greatest men I have ever known and were he still with us today, my friend Jim would be proud. The same can be said for us here at Crescent Moon Ranch.
    As a side note, Kirwin has never been formally utilized for sold outside breeding services with the exception of use for our customers. Nor has he been overexposed within the herd here at Crescent Moon Ranch. We believe that fact makes for significant business opportunity for the new ownership. The new owners may feel confident that they will be able to conduct business around Kirwin free of competition from us in the future.

Thank you and Congratulations to Marc & Sharon Milligan, Red Granite Ranch!





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  • 2008:AOBA National Show - 2nd
  • 2007:IAO - 1st & Color Champion
  • 2007:AWE - 1st & Color Champion
  • 2007:GWAS - 2nd & Reserve Color Champion
  • 2007:MAPACA Jubilee - 1st & Color Champion
  • 2007:NAAS - 1st & Color Champion
  • 2007:AOBA National Show - 2nd & Reserve Color Champion
  • 2006:AWE - 1st
  • 2006:MAPACA Jubilee - 1st
  • 2006:GWAS - 1st & Color Champion
  • 2006:AOBA National Show - 1st & Reserve Color Champion
  • 2006:TxOLAN - 1st & Color Champion
  • 2006:NAAS - 1st & Color Champion
  • 2006:IAO - 3rd Best Male Head
  • 2005:Sun City Sizzle - 1st
  • 2005:TxOLAN - 1st & Color Champion
  • 2005:MAPACA Eastern Alpaca Jubilee - 2nd
  • 2005:AWE - 1st & Reserve Color Champion
  • 2005:AOBA National Show - 2nd
  • 2005:GWAS - 1st & Reserve Color Champion