ARI #:1223101
Color:Bay Black
Gender: Male
Crescent Moon's Valentino
Crescent Moon's Chocolate Decadence

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    Aside from those offered by Magical Farms and Snowmass Alpacas, very few elite and proven black males have ever been offered at auction. So this is a rare opportunity indeed! Copenhagen won his first championship (a reserve championship) at AWE when he was just 7 ½ months old and didn’t stop winning them until his last show, the AOBA National Show when he was 33 months old. His obvious and notable stature and marvelous fleece qualities always moved him toward the top of the black male classes and now the same can be said for his offspring.
     Copenhagen is the son of Crescent Moon’s Valentino and Crescent Moon’s Chocolate Decadence. Valentino’s acclaim is widely known, but Decadence has earned her greatness more discreetly. Her offspring include not only Copenhagen, but also champions Chocolate Thunder, Artemis, Dorothy, and blue ribbon winner at the National Show, Elegance.
We offer Copenhagen with confidence and pride. He is a champion, his siblings are champions and his cria are achieving championship status. There is no mystery here!
     As a side note, Copenhagen has never been formally utilized for outside breeding services with the exception of use for our customers. Nor has he been overexposed within the herd here at Crescent Moon Ranch. We believe that fact makes for significant business opportunity for the new ownership. The new owners may feel confident that they will be able to conduct business around Copenhagen free of competition from us in the future.

Thank you and Congratulations to Don, Sharon, & Austin Greene, Snow Diamond Alpacas, LLC!





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  • 2007:IAO - 1st & Color Champion
  • 2007:AWE - 1st & Reserve Color Champion
  • 2007:GWAS - 1st & Color Champion
  • 2007:MAPACA Jubilee - 1st & Reserve Color Champion
  • 2007:NAAS - 2nd
  • 2007:AOBA National Show - 1st & Reserve Color Champion
  • 2006:AWE - 3rd
  • 2006:MAPACA Jubilee - 1st
  • 2006:GWAS - 1st & Color Champion
  • 2006:AOBA National Show - 2nd & Reserve Color Champion
  • 2006:TxOLAN - 1st & Reserve Color Champion
  • 2006:The Futurity Show & Sale - 2nd
  • 2006:NAAS - 1st & Reserve Color Champion
  • 2006:IAO - 3rd
  • 2005:MAPACA Eastern Alpaca Jubilee - 1st
  • 2005:AWE - 1st & Reserve Color Champion
  • 2005:AOBA National Show - 3rd
  • 2005:The Futurity Show & Sale - 2nd
  • 2005:GWAS - 1st