Amber Autumn Invitational Auction



#35037651 |  DOB: 6/13/2016 |  Color: Beige

 Lot# 34 in the 2017 Amber Autumn Invitational Auction!

Open this fleece and you will see,
What a huacaya fleece is meant to be!

It’s dense, that’s surely an important trait
But to see the rest you’ll have to wait!
Wait, to open her fleece but don’t be surprised
When the other traits explode before your eyes!

Witness her fineness of that there’s no doubt
As a daughter of Crescendo that what it’s about!

And brightn

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#35037804 |  DOB: 3/12/2016 |  Color: Bay Black

Lot# 2 In the 2017 Amber Autumn Invitational Auction! 


From the day she was born she had what it took,
A dark depth of color and runway good looks!

Her fleece was radiant under the springtime sun,
And it was easy to see quickly that she’d be the one!

The one to be rivaled from this year’s crop,
With a fleece that kept growing and just wouldn’t stop!

And what a fleece it has evolved to be,
Open this fleece and you will see!

An abundant display of exc

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