Color Chart


ARI #:36150489
Color:Light Silver Grey
Gender: Female
Crescent Moon's Emmaus
Crescent Moon's Ani

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SOLD!  Thank You & Congratulations to Terry Passanante of Clover Bottom Alpaca Ranch! 

Lot# 14 in the 2022 Destination Auction 

It took years of highly strategic planning. Purchases and breeding decisions and countless hours of thought as in a game of chess to create the uniquely spotted alpaca here before you today! NOT! Ok, so we don’t live up to the drama, but you gotta admit, this is an appropriately named alpaca! Crescent Moon’s Color Chart is unique there is no doubt about it. Both before and after shearing (for verification) we checked over her person to try and determine the different colors we found on her. Here is the result of that assessment. Color chart has true black, dark, medium, and light brown, dark and medium fawn, light fawn, beige, white on her face, light, medium and dark silver gray, and a shade of rose gray which we’ll call medium rose gray. What is really cool is that through the blanket the colors remain uniformly similar in fleece traits. To say it precisely we don’t see much if any change in micron, length, brightness, and architecture. She is going to sell with her first breeding here. We would absolutely choose Crescent Moon’s Kolbe.




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