Tell Me The News


ARI #:36033140
Color:Medium Brown
Gender: Female
Crescent Moon's Capodanno
Crescent Moon's Tell Me About It

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Lot# 2 in the 2021 Futurity Sale! 

One of our local news anchors (Samantha O’Conner) came out to do a filming on us this past summer. During the interview Samantha got to hold this extraordinary young cria just days after she was born. As she was holding her, I explained how all her relatives are, named Tell Me This or Tell Me That etc. Immediately she said, “Tell Me the News”. Well, considering the situation, that name just had to stick, and it did. We introduce to you the incredible Crescent Moon’s Tell Me the News.
Let’s just say that Tell Me the News, is the news! Come look for yourself. Tell Me the News sell with her first breeding at Crescent Moon Ranch. That breeding is non-transferrable. For that breeding we would recommend, Crescent Moon’s Emmaus, but the choice is yours.


  • Crescent Moon's Tell Me The News

  • Suggested Service Sire - Crescent Moon's Emmaus

  • Sire - Crescent Moon's Capodanno



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