The Alpaca Owners Association (AOA)

  In 2013, the two organizations (AOBA: The Alpaca Owners and Breeders Association and ARI: The Alpaca Registry Inc.) which conducted the majority of the affairs for U.S. alpaca industry for 20 years,  voted to merge the two organizations. This now singular entity is responsible for the DNA testing, registration and transfer of alpacas, the show system, the marketing of the alpaca industry here in the U.S., the promotion of alpaca, its fiber and its products among its numerous other smaller tasks.

  The AOA Registry: The AOA Alpaca Registry is the most accurate pedigree and parentage validation registry in the world. Alpacas are sampled for their blood and the parental history is verified through this process of registration.

  The Show System: The show system is an integral part of the social and competitive component of the industry. The AOA Show system is arguably the best livestock show system in the world and its secured this position because of its foundation in its world class judge training program. Alpaca lovers from all over the world come to AOA to learn the Art and Science of Alpaca Judging and to receive its highly valued certification.

  Marketing: To the best of its ability, AOA markets the alpaca business, alpaca fiber and alpaca products to those interested in it.

  The Alpaca Owners Association is served by an Executive Director, a full office staff, a volunteer Board of Directors and volunteer committee members. These committee members serve to produce various important attributes which the organization requires. The organization is also serve well by its regional affiliates. Most regions of the country have an affiliate of which local residents may also choose to participate with. Crescent Moon Ranch is a member of several different affiliates around the country.

  Here at Crescent Moon Ranch, we take pride in our industry and our association. We have served on committees and the Board of Directors for the National Organization. Crescent Moon Ranch is also a long standing Benefactor and donor to the National Organization, its affiliates and the Quechua Benefit. Also,  ALL OF THE ALPACAS PRODUCED HERE AT CRESCENT MOON RANCH ARE AOA DNA TESTED AND REGISTERED.