1. Because we're serious about alpacas! When we entered the alpaca business, it was going to be a retirement hobby for us. Our business has grown, however, and with it our commitment. So much so that we relocated our ranch so that there is easier access for our customers. Along with that, we acquired Accoyo Peruvian Legacy (2002 AAA Herdsire of the Year), and have since purchased Accoyo Peruvian Elite and Peruvian Chaccu. As well, our breeding program has produced some of the most noteworthy and decorated males in the country. Rayo del Sol, Kryptonite, Kirwin, Valentino, Copenhagen, Nitro, Lunar Breeze, Shiftin Gears, Nobility, Donato, Aquinas, Thelonius, Pearl Jam, Augustine, and Wilkinson too name a few. We have a lot at stake and our aim is to earn your business.
  2. Business: This is a business. We treat it that way and so should you!
  3. Support! Our staff is one of the best in the country and we pride ourselves on our ability to help you. Whether it is in the form of purchases, breeding, health care, pasture development, pasture management (and the list goes on) we have experience to share, and we enjoy learning from you as well. Most of all we want to help you succeed. Take that desire to help, add experience and knowledge and you have an exceptional recipe for support.
  4. Fun! We are serious, but we are having fun. These amazing creatures have transformed our world and we love our lives with them. We enjoy helping others make the big move to alpacas as well. Our pledge to our customers is that we will be there with them every step of the way. Serving both you and your investment any way we can.
  5. Integrity! It is imperatively important in both our personal and professional lives. It is the foundation we build upon.
  6. Quality! We pride ourselves on top quality alpacas, and the betterment of those top quality alpacas is our goal. We believe lineage is extremely important especially when making breeding decisions. Whether it is Chilean or Peruvian, Accoyo or Chapoco, we believe all these lineages bring assets to the table. This mixture, frequently referred to as Hybrid Vigor, is creating the North American alpaca; one of the most advanced alpacas in the world. We have full Peruvian alpacas, we have full Chilean alpacas and we have Bolivian lineages, but without a doubt, our mixtures of these have produced the best results. Those results are continuously documented in the show ring.
  7. Pricing and Financing! We deal in top quality bloodlines and are competitively priced. We offer financing packages to suit your needs. Each breeder brings a different set of circumstances with them and that is always our first consideration, your individual needs.
  8. Guarantee! We guarantee what we sell. Whether it is breedings or individual alpacas, we guarantee each alpaca will be reproductively sound. We will work diligently to make sure the alpaca(s) you purchase today are exactly what you want. If something unforeseen happens we will be there to make it right for you in a manner fair to both parties.